Workplace Preparedness

Department Emergency Supplies

Department disaster supply kits are intended for use immediately following a disaster for activities such as light extrication and repair, opening jammed doors (crowbar), clearing light debris (gloves, dust masks, goggles), food/water, sanitation, and emergency lighting.

Kits are designed to support up to a certain number of staff members for a limited time in a disaster situation. Every department is responsible for ensuring the availability of the kit.

Inventory considerations:

  • Disaster supply kit(s) should be maintained in a secure location and locked with a zip tie or wrapped in plastic to discourage unauthorized access and to determine if the supplies have been accessed.
  • Supplies should be checked monthly and perishable items should be replaced by the expiration date.
  • Consider storage requirements and availability when creating an inventory.
  • Consider the following when creating an inventory: What is the purpose of the supplies (i.e., Do the supplies support the desired mission/purpose?); how many people shall be involved in response/recovery and who will need the supplies?
  • Ensure staff is properly trained and oriented to the supplies.

Contact your school or department emergency coordinator for more information on your department-specific emergency supply kits.