Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) Program
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Following a major disaster, first responders who provide fire and medical services will not be able to meet the demand for these services. Factors such as number of victims, communication failures and road blockages will prevent people from accessing emergency services they have come to expect at a moment's notice through 911, and it may be hours or days before professional help arrives. In this environment, fellow employees will spontaneously reach out to help those affected. Without information and training, however, spontaneous assistance can sometimes fail to meet its objectives and result in adverse consequences.

The Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) Program enhances and supports an organization’s capacity to respond to disasters by mobilizing a roster of trained personnel in a safe and effective way, thereby improving its capability to quickly and seamlessly integrate volunteers into the incident management system.


  • Empower employees to be better prepared to respond to and cope with the aftermath of a disaster by educating and promoting disaster and emergency safety awareness at home and in the workplace.
  • To supplement response and recovery capabilities following a disaster by training employees who will be an extension of the operational system and first responder services offering immediate help to victims until professional services arrive.


The purpose of the Disaster Assistance Response Team program is to build our capability to incorporate and utilize activated trained volunteers during a disaster to supplement manpower and increase overall emergency management effectiveness. Trained volunteers are essential in assisting field and Operations Center staff during a disaster, thereby freeing up critical field/Operations Center personnel in accomplishing their duties and providing for a more effective and efficient response.

Additionally, the Disaster Assistance Response Team program trains members about emergency preparedness and encourages its members to prepare themselves, their families, neighbors, and coworkers for a disaster.

Make a Difference

Through the Disaster Assistance Response Team Program, individuals can learn about opportunities to get involved and help others during a disaster. With proper training, volunteers expand the resources available during disasters.

The Disaster Assistance Response Teams program trains people to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their homes and in the workplace. Team members can also help with non-emergency projects that help prepare their departments respond to and recover from any disaster. Team members may also participate in organized activities that are not part of an emergency response, such as distributing preparedness materials.

Disaster Assistance Response Team training includes: disaster preparedness, Operations Center management, disaster fire suppression, basic first aid, and light search and rescue operations, volunteer management, resource management, communications, among other skills.

Contact your school’s emergency coordinator below to find out how you can volunteer and make a difference!

Biomed Library: (310) 267-2851
DGSOM: (310) 206-0623
SOD: (310) 825-4306
SON: (310) 825-1755
SPH: (310) 206-9509