Health Sciences

Emergency Preparedness

CHS Warden Program

About the Program

The CHS Warden Program is a component of the DGSOM Emergency Management Program. In the event of an emergency, Wardens play a vital role, helping building occupants evacuate in a safe, orderly, and timely manner.

Each Warden is responsible for a designated area, floor, or facility and is expected to become familiar with their facility and its occupants, including but not limited to students, staff and faculty members, contractors, visitors, patients and persons with disabilities. The information collected and reported by CHS Wardens enables first responders to determine priorities and quickly ensure the safety of all persons affected by the incident.

Request Changes/Updates

  • CHS Warden Updates Request Form
  • Warden Kit Registration Form
  • Guidance and Planning Resources

  • Warden Manual
  • CHS Complex Assembly Area Map
  • Employee Emergency Action Plan *
  • The link provided above is the generic EAP template. Please contact your Department Emergency Coordinator for a copy of your department specific EAP. 

    CHS Warden Program Roster

     **The CHS Warden Roster will be posted on September 25th.  If you have questions, please contact the DGSOM Emergency Coordinator at**