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Emergency, Safety, and Security Resources - UCLA Health Sciences

Familiarize yourselves with safety and security resources available for faculty, staff and students of UCLA Health Science Schools. You can be better prepared for an emergency by knowing who to contact for resources and information regarding emergency and non-emergency assistance.

What You Can Do

1.    Print out important phone numbers and keep them at your desk or in an accessible location.
2.    Store important numbers, such as UCPD Dispatch (310) 825-1491) and CHS Security (310) 267-7100), in your cell phone contacts.
3.    Visit the Center for Health Sciences Emergency Preparedness website to learn how you can be prepared in the workplace.

Important Numbers

Important phone numbers and resources CHS occupants should familiarize themselves include:

Emergency Numbers (9-1-1 and UCPD Dispatch)

In the event of an emergency on campus, you should always dial 9-1-1 from campus land line or (310) 825-1491 for UCPD Dispatch from a cell phone. Calling UCPD Dispatch from a cell phone will ensure you get assistance the quickest;  9-1-1 calls from cell phones can sometimes be routed the wrong responding agency (LAPD or LAFD) causing a delay in the response time.  Store UCPD Dispatch's phone number into your cell phone contacts for quick access.

Non-Emergency Numbers

Additionally, there are non-emergency resources available to faculty and staff.  Please consider familiarizing yourself with these resources in case you ever need to reach out to them.

•    For resources on fire safety please contact the office of the Fire Marshal at (310) 825-5689.
•    To be connected with security, contact Ronald Reagan Medical Center and CHS Security at (310) 267-7100.
•    To be escorted (on-campus) after dark by a Community Service Officer, please contact UCPD Evening Walking Escorts (Dusk - 1am) at (310) 784-9255.
•    To report a workplace injury, contact the EH&S Injury Reporting line at (310) 825-9797.

More Emergency Preparedness Resources

For a more complete list of emergency preparedness, safety, and security resources please visit